Who can sign up for a Life Group?

Anyone who is a High School Graduate and older can participate in one of the many Life Groups at PMC. So whether you are just beginning a new adventure in life after High School or are enjoying your retirement years there is a Life Group for you!


Where do Life Groups meet?

In Acts chapter 2 we read that the Early Church and the first Christians broke bread together in their homes day by day. Following that example, Life Groups at PMC meet in the homes of Believers which is the perfect setting for doing life together!


What day of the week do Life Groups meet?

There is no set day of the week for Life Groups to meet. We leave that decision up to each individual Life Group. We want you to be able to meet on the day of the week that works best for you and your Life Group.


How often do Life Groups meet?

There is no set schedule as to how often Life Groups will meet. However, we feel that it is hard to do life together if there is a large amount of time that passes between meetings. Therefore, we ask that Life Groups meet at least twice per month. Most groups meet every week.


What time do Life Groups start and how long does each meeting last?

Each group will decide for itself exactly what time it will start and how long the meeting will last before ending. Most groups meet in the evenings and last for about 2 hours.


What happens during Life Group meetings?

No two Life Groups will be exactly that same. Each one decides exactly what happens during a Life Group meeting, but in general groups gather together first for fellowship and sharing a meal together. The rest of the evening is filled with Bible study, discussion, encouragement, and prayer.  


Can I choose which Life Group I want to be part of?

Yes. If you know a specific Life Group that you would like to join you can do that. If not, we will help you get connected with a group!


If I have any further questions who can I contact?

If you have any further questions please contact Pastor Brett by calling the church office at (419) 445-7186 or by email at bsauder@pettisvillemissionary.org